Use it as a Mask (5)


(Part of a series: The Problems Associated with a Collectivistic Society)

The fifth problem associated with a collectivistic society is: it allows for more governmental takeover.

It’s the highest level of a political insult- something that artsy folk feel particularly empowered by shouting to conservatives, comparing any social policy or politician to the Chancellor that held office between 1933 and 1945, Mr. Adolf Hitler. Conservatives find it particularly amusing when liberals assert their policies Hitleresque because Hitler was himself a socialist. While it is insulting to anyone of any party to be compared to such a hateful man, (liberals compare conservatives to Hitler because they think that, like Hitler, conservatives are for this “Aryan” perfection in social society. Today they refer to it as “White Privilege”) liberals forget how Hitler rose to power.

“To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens”-Adolf Hitler

“Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state”-Adolf Hitler

Hitler had a terribly racist, bigoted agenda (again why he’s associated with conservatives), but he accomplished this agenda with the core concept of liberalism: more government takeover. Hitler was a fascist at his core, but he could only achieve true fascism by masking his exterior with socialism. When a people willingly surrender their rights and freedoms to naively acquire an alleged financial gain, their government can control them like puppets. Socialists tell us that the government can do a better job at taking care of their citizens than the citizens could accomplish on their own. At the appeal of free money, education, and healthcare, the citizens fall into the trap, and the government now has control of a people. If history is any indication of this repetition, look directly to the manner in which the American government “took care of” the Native Americans.

Of course it would be naïve to compare Nazi Germany with that of socialist America, Britain, or any other modern socialist society. But a gradient exists, and capitalism is currently the system that is furthest from government takeover. Socialism is not neighbors with communism and fascism, but it certainly resides closer to them than capitalism does. Once we as a society have decided to move the general direction of government takeover by simply meeting them halfway with socialism, we automatically give them more power to take us all the way to communism and fascism. We should make it as difficult as possible for the government to take control of society.

Even a government agenda with the best intentions cannot outrank the freedom of individuals to run their own lives. How can a government in charge of the most diverse nation in the world think that one plan is best for everyone? If we are to truly celebrate our diversity as an eclectic country, let us not allow for a government that plans to equalize finances and circumstances. We are unique, we are individuals, and we are capitalists.



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