Caloric Individualism


Late in May the FDA released a newly revised nutrition facts label. The new label shows the calories in a much larger bolder font, the FDA’s apparent “contribution” to the American obesity epidemic. Truly, do you think that morbidly obese individuals care about the amount of calories in a serving size of ice cream? Forget caring about calories, fat people generally don’t even look at the nutrition facts, much less measuring out a serving size.

And of course, “fat people generally don’t even look at the calories” is the point of the entire revision. Perhaps pointing out the fact in more bolded letters will cause people to rethink consuming 230 calories in ice cream. It might. It’s worth a shot. But if someone-fat or thin-wants to eat ice cream, bigger bolder numbers aren’t going to stop them.

While it’s one way to target the problem, I should think that picking off the leaves of a weed doesn’t truly solve the problem. Ripping the weed out by the roots leads to a more permanent fix. What obese people lack is self-control. Thin people often eat ice cream and other bad foods-foods that have the exact same amount of calories and the calories were advertised on the box in the exact same font. It’s not the size of the calories that is the problem; the problem is a lack of self-control on the part of the individual.

Now, how does one go about tampering with the lives of individuals to try and change their lifestyle to match their own? By being a liberal of course! Not everyone possesses the willpower to want to be thin. Some people don’t even want to be thin. Talks about heath, longevity and disease risk aren’t going to change some people. America is a country of freedom-it’s what we were founded on, and if leaders believed in it today, our problems as a country would be much less.

As a pessimist, I don’t see how enlarging the size of the calories will do much for people who don’t care about calories. It may, but don’t count on it. As an individualist, I feel that every American has the right to decide what and how much food they put into their bodies. As for the liberals, it’s simply not their place to be telling other individuals how to live their lives.


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