My Conversion


I used to hate Donald Trump.

Like serious hate. Several events led to my conversion and they are as follows.

1) Anyone who has dislike or hate for Donald Trump should seriously consider if they personally dislike the man, or if they are taking the twisted truth about him that the liberal media spoons feeds us. One of the bigger concepts in my conversion, I realized that the media would NEVER paint Donald Trump in a good light, no matter what he did, so I would have to start doing my own research. Best idea ever. For any candidate- don’t take the media’s word for it. If the candidate is a liberal, know that the media is head-over-heels in love with them, and is prepared to not report anything negative about them; perhaps in exchange for some oral sex- oh wait, that’s liberal presidents with their interns, I apologize. If the candidate is conservative, know that the media hates them in every way and is prepared to Photoshop their face on monkey ( So of course the media shows you the terrible things that Trump has said, perhaps out of context, and no conservative tries to justify the fact that yes, Donald Trump has said some awful things. But if we worked the system equally, as democrats love to proclaim, you’d hear just as many terrible things that have come spewing from the mouth of the Benghazi Queen, and it’s not because she doesn’t say terrible things- she does, the media just doesn’t report them because they love her and are prepared to push their own agenda in who they wish to elect this November. Politically speaking, I take everything the media says about candidates with a grain of salt.

2) Trump has no tact, and even as his supporter, I know that. It was one of the qualities about him that turned me off in the first place, and I classified his actions as “childish”. But after the realization that EVERY candidate this election is childish, that no longer became an issue. If I wanted a mature president, I’d need a time machine back to the 80’s. But for 2016, I’d either have a childish billionaire, a woman who childishly covered up several scandals, or a 74 year old child that thinks other children’s toys belong to him without having to work for it.

3) I decided that I’m more loyal to my party than I am to a specific person. By the time the primaries had come to my home state of Wisconsin, there were only 3 republican candidates left. I liked Kasich and Cruz better than Trump, but I knew for a fact, that neither one was strong enough to win the nomination, or be strong enough to overtake the democrats in November. I figured a vote for a weak republican was equal to a vote for a democrat. If I wasn’t fueling the man who was the only clear option for defeating Killary or a socialist, I was just supporting Killary or the socialist.

As time progressed I realized that the wall was not racist, but rather a necessary operation that only hypocrites were against. Mexico is extremely strict on illegal immigration and accepts few immigrants from Guatemala on their southern border. Of course all immigrants just want a better life for their families, but Mexico doesn’t have ample credibility on the issue. Vast other countries are extremely strict on immigration policies, yet only the United States gets criticized.

And I realized that in idolizing the decades of the 50’s and the 80’s (which coincidentally, both had conservative presidents for the majority of their 10 years), I did know that America was once great, and the liberals had messed it up. I was ready to make America great again.

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